Monday, 21 April 2014

A Real Tragedy

In a real life horror story brought to our screen and news services on Easter Sunday, we were told of the murder of two innocent children (all that is known is that they were below the age of 10) by a male within the household and known to them.   What horror on a day that  should be one of glory.
And Yet...More and more we are hearing of innocence brutalised.  Innocence being the scapegoat of societal sins.  Yes sins... We have become afraid to use that word because it's not "cool" to use the word sin. But sin it is.  Lets call it what it is. It's violence against God and human life.
When I heard and listened stunned and in horror at that breaking news, I was reminded of the very recent murder of young Luke Batty in front of his mother and friends (by his father) of a little girl called Darcy Freeman (4 yrs old) tossed over a bridge (father) to her death, of the 3 Farquaharson children 10,7 and 2 yrs old (father) and other names written in our inglorious history.  Why? Why? Why so much violence against the most innocent and trusting and loving? Why? 
Have we become so desensitised that it has become possible not to feel?  That the first answer to a difficulty is murder of innocence?
And I have to say ...yes.
We have created a society where innocence is murdered legally...abortion.
We are heading towards a society where innocence (sick, elderly, incapacitated can be murdered legally ..euthanasia..Belgium legalised euthanasia of children Feb 14th, 2014).  We have slowly created a society that speaks of murder using sanitised language and then we wonder why atrocities happen.
Abortion up to full term is violence and murder and death  against a child and legal.
Euthanasia is violence against another child or adult and is making inroads and in places legal.
Why are we scandalised and horrified when a sense of rage is played visibly in our society as was the murder of the above mentioned children.  Only because these events have been brought to our screens and in our vision by the media and so we can see the horrors. Abortion and its brutalisation of the child serenely growing in its supposed safe place is hidden by the media.  This same media which will make much about these child murders will not bring to vision a dismembered child.  This apparently will disturb viewers and bring into question the "rightness" and "efficacy" and "right" which is abortion.  Will bring into question the lie told that what is growing in the womb is not a child but some unrecognizable bunch or clump of genetic product.
We have a violent society.  We have assisted this society to become violent because we have okayed violence beginning with the youngest to the eldest and those (like Hitler) not quite right.  We have said that only those of a certain size can be recognized and so the media brings to us to view on screen horrors which they deem newsworthy and not others which are deemed as "rights."
Indeed we have a violent society, one which we have created with our demands, laws, visuals, games and above all loss of God, inner peace, and knowledge of right and wrong.  We are reaping what we have sown.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

He is Risen Hallelujah

Dear friends and readers I wish for you and your loved ones a Happy and Holy Easter.

Love and hugs


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

R.I.P. Charlotte Dawson

Abortion Pain.

With great sadness in this past week we have heard of the death by suicide of the very beautiful Charlotte Dawson, a vivacious, stunningly beautiful former model and TV presenter. A very hurting young woman, whose very public acknowledgement of her fight with depression she was happy to share. 
However, when I heard the news and read and heard many words spoken about her life it, I suppose, her end came as no surprise.  I think mostly she died of a broken heart.  Really and truly a broken heart.
From what we know of her story Charlotte had adored her husband (divorced after about a year) and she never recovered from the sacrifice of the abortion she had in order not to have any impediment to her husbands dreams of winning gold medal at Olympics.  It was and is known that he took her to the abortion facility and left her there alone to undergo this experience. In her own words following the abortion she was never the same. 

How tragic that those who have promoted abortion, the taking to be killed one's own child,  do not make themselves available to  mothers who then go on to regret and grieve for their loss and at times grieve so much that life is not worth continuing, as in the case of Charlotte.

How tragic that the demands for more abortions, more and more liberalisation of of laws which might have protected both mother and child have been drowned out by those who do not have a real care for women.   This seems to say to me that voices of pain and  those who have wept and continue to weep behind closed doors over their decision, as in the case of Charlotte, are not the voices of those who have a death agenda.   It appears to me that the  voices unheard are those who have suffered grief, regret, shame, and who cannot reconcile their decision with their inner most being and what society says is "good" have been muted. 

The greatest tragedy is the reality that pro abortion advocates  refuse to recognise studies which clearly indicate that abortion is not a procedure which leaves the woman unscathed  but very much wounded (see Coleman Study 2011 enormous increase d risks in all psychological  behaviours, and two  recent Chinese studies 2012 and many studies linking abortion and breast cancer , depression, substances abuses, relationship difficulties).  It seems that the pro abortion groups are not particularly interested in the pain of women who hurt, so long as the killing of the children is made available and passed off as guilt free procedure. It is not.  Please listen its not.  Charlotte's battle with depression was public but thousands and thousands of others suffer the same but alone and many end up the same because  there is a longing for the lost one. The fruit of "my body." 

How tragic that the mental health of ALL women is not important including the mental health of those who suffer as a result of the procedure which promised them an easy way out of a difficult moment  only to discover the lifelong pain bought into  It appears to me, as a long term post abortion grief counsellor,  that there is little interest in hearing the voices of  women who suffer lifelong grief, depression,  regret, like me and  tens of thousands like me.  It seems that it is OUR voices which are not heard over the chaotic clamour made by the pro abortion lobby.
For Charlotte I believe she has never recovered from her loss and in the end it became easier not to be present to pain any more.
The media has tried very hard to pass off her death as a result of cyber bullying and perhaps this contributed further to her vulnerability, but in her own words, from the day of her abortion she knew what depression meant and years of depression weakens the being and the strength to keep going. 
Depresion is a crisis of meaning and for Charlotte the "meaning" for her ceased when she couldnt fulfil her mandate as a woman to be a Mum. 
Rest in peace dear lady.  I wish I could have helped you.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Old Testament the Experience of the Sacred


The symbolic language which surrounds and permeates religious experience or the “sacred” has evolved with the need for humans to bring into an understanding a sense of need to know the unknowable.

The word “God” or “gods” is used when human beings wish to place a limit onto language.

Beyond “God” one cannot go! Beyond Him or experience or expression there is no or cannot ever be symphonies of anything.

Human beings with a propensity for curiosity cannot perceive of a time when “God” did not exist.  The universe exists, so God exists. He is after all the Alpha and Omega (Rev22:14) Indeed simply to speak about God must suggest that a prior knowledge of a “something” called “God” must be assumed. A prior knowledge of the word and it connotation must be understood; otherwise the word “God” would not make sense.

In our language, “God” transcends limits Transcends the normal and the sensory.  This of course is not an attempt to try and reduce “God” to the human level but an attempt to express within our capabilities as “someone” “something” or “some dimension” that cannot and should not be contained.

Sadly because of our desire to know what lies beyond the parameters of thought and and cognition, God permits Himself to be limited by us and in order to do so we need to implement the tools of language in order to express Him and explain Him and even so we are confounded.

We use the word “God” or “gods” when we want to express the inexpressible, fill the unfillable and contemplate the mysterious and beyond. Indeed when it comes to expression of the word “God” or ‘gods” all words, adjectives, coloratura fade away. To continue to try and describe or explain “God” leads to a feeling of awesome-ness as feeling of being awestruck.  Why one is also awestruck is also impossible explain because it is again an attempt at finiteness reaching into the infinite. Frustration must be the outcome because of the necessity we must use the language of the world, our world, and most often a minute section of our world, in order to express this notion as “God”   Our sensory organs, more often than not, cannot assist in the things of the unseen

The language of the sacred speaks to humans about the mysteries of life and death, happiness, sad ness, joy and sorrow and attempts in its limited capacity to make some sort of sense of the human condition.  Religious language is a language which is full of symbolism myths, stories, miracles, totems and fantasies.  It has created around itself an aura of mystery. It continues to speak of what is already being identified with the unidentifiable.  It continues to speak about what is already known about the “sacred” and trail blazes and continues to make further inroads into possible new areas and new expressions of the numinous (Otto, 1917, The Idea of the Holy).

The God of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph. The God of the Jewish Christian religion is a God who is great. A God whose love and Mercy encompass the whole creation and universe. There is no God like Him.

The Jewish people who first proclaimed His greatness have enshrined their belief in  The Shemah Israel  (Dt 6:4-5) with this affirmation their belief in a monotheistic deity (One God) is proclaimed. There is one God and He is all Holy.



Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Dear Friends,
I wish for you a Happy and Holy New Year. I wish for you joy, happiness, love, compassion, passion. I wish for you  a life filled with good things and those things not so good, that they may be manageable.  I wish for you peace and above all I wish for you a year filled with moments of ecstasy.
Please forgive my recent silence it's been because of busy ness but I haven't forgotten you.  I have just finished second book and this has taken some of my time together with the normal work of counselling and promoting of Redeeming Grief, Abortion and its Pain. So its been busy.
To all those who have supported and loved me this year..thank you.  Those who have not bless you.
Let's together hope for  a 2014 which is memorable for all the right and good reasons.

Monday, 18 November 2013

March for Women October 20th 2013, Victoria Australia


 Dear friends, eight days following the March for the Babies, another march was held in Melbourne in the suburb of Brunswick and this march was held in memory of a young woman Jill Meagher who was murdered in September 2012 and a now global movement called “Reclaim the Night.”

 This march to reclaim the streets and make it safe for women to walk day and night without fear of assault and even murder as with Jill Meagher and other victims. Again the number of marchers was about 3000 with marchers carrying signs and shouting “no violence” “five, six, seven, eight, end the violence end the hate” was the chant! And I need to ask where these chanters were the previous week? Or were they same ones who hurled abuse at the pro lifers who were also marching for the safety of babies and women. Where were these protestors who are demanding that they have a right to walk on the street without being attacked and of course rightly so?

“We have a right to go out at night and feel safe” said one young lady being interviewed.  What about an infant in the womb and his/her right to feel safe?  What about the marchers for the babies and their right to feel safe from being abused and harassed by the rent a crowd?  There is that word “right” again but it’s a pity that this “right” is only for a select crowd and not for everyone.
 What is the difference between this march and the march for the babies? Dear friends the difference is visibility.  Jill Meagher and other young victims are

visible, known, and media heightened whereas the infant in the womb is invisible and is dependent on own mother and father to want or not want it.  The infant is also beautiful. Is also being killed. Is also vulnerable but the media and the rabble have no
respect for the newly created life and so it is up for being killed because “womyn’s rights” say that “womyn” can choose to take their child to die without being disturbed. These “womyn” do not see the “violence and the hate” underpinning abortion.
For the infants in the womb there is no “five, six, seven eight, end the violence end the hate”
The March for the babies clearly showed that violence and hate are alive and well in Melbourne, the “world’s most liveable city” especially when it comes to violence and hatred of in utero babies and those who would march to defend their right to be born and to enjoy their own life. 
A anti violence advocate, during the march to reclaim the streets, said in interview that violence against women occurred all the time at the hands of violent men. Indeed!
However, violence against in utero babies happens 50,000,000 times a year globally and over 100,000 in Australia yearly and unless we as a society understand the underlying violence which makes up our society beginning with violence against the smallest and frailest, and this violence demanded by its own parents, then the violence that occurs to other women and men and youth in the streets, in homes, in schools, in playgrounds, in cyberspace, should not come as a surprise. 
Violence permeates all our modern society because if it becomes permissible to kill the smallest of innocents with impunity, the frail, the disabled, then the only differences are of size, visibility and perhaps of physical appearance (beauty), then the streets will not become safe no matter how many chants. 
The streets will become safe when we as a society begin to honour and respect all life.  Until then no amount of chanting “five, six, seven eight, end the violence, end the hate” will not end the violence or the hate because to have killed an in utero child is to commit violence and have hate for life as the reason.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Book Review

Dear friends perhaps you might like to read this review.
I loved it.  Thank you Edward and Crisis Magazine.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

March for Babies protest-attack by anti lifers.


Saturday’s March for the Babies and the ensuing craziness and behaviour of pro abortion lobby gives grave concern not only for freedom of all of us  in Victoria but sets precedent for other states to be brought into disarray by those who would have a different opinion.  My right to march quietly and show support for babies who die daily at the hands of so called doctors was  compromised forever I believe. The police commissioner should hang his head in shame for not thinking that those of us who value in utero babies have a right to be protected from the violence heaped on us by a rabble mob. Had he and his underlings respected my /our right, and the right of those of us who believe that the Abortion Law of 2008 is wrong,  there would have been open protection  of those of us who were pelted, shoved, pushed, abused.  The reality was that the few police who were there were just  a“token” effort. Imagine not one arrest made of those who shoved, pushed, felled, abused the silent pro lifers inclding little ones and elderly, and this atrocity in broad daylight, on a beautiful saturday afternoon,  in “the world’s most liveable city.”  A precedent and fuel  ensured for the coming years. 

 The new law ensures abortion of babies to 40 weeks, that is full term,  when we know that infants who are wanted and are helped can survive as premature as 21 weeks.  The law and law makers in Victoria are assinine.  the law needs to be repealed immediately, this will remove  (in time) the fuel of pro abortion lobby who are now beginning to speak about “4th trimester abortion” (that is  death of babies up to 3 months after birth).   The Slippery slope has indeed been rewaxed and made more slippery. 

Further to the chaos which was the March for the Babies, we have in the new abortion laws a removal of right of conscience of doctors and medical staff to refuse to participate in an abortion.  Imagine! the Government telling us how our conscience must be dictated to by them. My own barometer for decision making removed because the Law says so.  That is what Sect. 8 of the new abortion laws does. A doctor cannot refuse to participate in an abortion, encourage a woman to rethink her decision, offer alternatives,  without threat to his own career and livelihood as we have seen with Dr Hobart and several others who have been targeted by the Medical Board.  Is this what Victoria has come to? A new socialist state?
Sect 8. which intrudes on conscience needs immediate repealing because if this continues then the future means that the government can order to  euthanase first infants and then others who do not fit criteria for making money.  “Caesar” has violently taken control of what belongs to, and we are seeing the after effects of this usurping.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Forgiveness for the post abortive woman


To forgive means to be able to see the humanity of the other. Distorted at times. Discoloured at times. Disfigured at times, but still humanity.  To forgive  someone who has wronged does not mean that what was done was acceptable or should go unpunished but rather to cut the chords which keep on binding the wounded one with the one who has wounded.  It is these toxic ties, which continue to re wound.  The chords can be cut using more violence or by forgiveness.  Violence adds to the wounds a new dimension of pain.  Forgiveness says “no more.  you have no more power over me.  You cannot harm me again” but refrains from hurting the other. Again this adds to the dimension of humanity of both  the victim, and the perpetrator.

That’s why forgiveness is healing especially to the wounded.  Compassion and forgiveness means sharing with another their load, walking alongside, so that humanly speaking the load is lightened.  The prisoner chained in pain is still a human person in pain and chained but who still needs bandaging.

Remembering that a post abortive woman/man will suffer from lack of self esteem. Her own dislike of herself.  The barrier, which existed between herself and everyone else.  Her sense of having “lost” herself. Her belief that she is not worth living or helping.  At times even her own comments “I have killed my baby...I am a murderer I don’t deserve anything”   Her continual need to “disappear” to a “safe place” (mentally) when life difficulties arise and in that place she cannot see her life experience and her decision.  Her compulsive need to wash her hands (sense of feeling guilty  and dirty)  and her lips (because she agreed and said YES to the abortion) All these need to be recognised as signs that she cannot forgive herself and needs help in this area of her life. To begin to forgive herself so she can forgive others who “forced” “encouraged” “urged” “made” her have the abortion.  Even the medical profession who carries out these procedures.

Over time much has to be spoken about and explored and forgiven and then let go.  Many losses discussed and wept over and let go.   Loss of security. Loss of normal life without abortion in the history. Loss of femininity, loss, of confidence in mothering, loss of motherhood, loss of place in family...many losses. 

But most importantly helping the woman to see herself as good person beginning from when she was a child. To see that little girl, that continued to make progress and grow, and that the abortion, terrible as it was, has given her a new  but different opportunity at life.  An opportunity to begin again but as a different person (a mother) because now she has known suffering and loss as only a parent can know,  and has come through it, not without scars, but different because of her suffering.  She cannot go back to a time pre abortion, but she can continue in another  but equally good way. The Way of forgiveness. The Way of Jesus.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Book Launch September 17th 2013 Parliament House Sydney Australia.


Dear friends, since last newsletter I have also had a wonderful experience of having my book Redeeming Grief, Abortion and its Pain, (Sec. Ed) launched in the New South Wales Parliament House. It was launched by the Hon. Mr Paul Green member of the Legislative Council, and all this organised by his very beautiful personal assistant Yvette Hanna.

Mr Green had very obviously read the book, that is, not just the back cover as sometimes happens, because he seemed to know all the topics covered.  His words of commendation and encouragement nearly made my heart burst with pride that we have such good members who represent us.

Thank you Paul I very much appreciated everything you said and a huge thank you to Yvette who amongst all the work of a personal assistant also organised this beautifully.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the Rev Fred Nile MLC for his presence and other distinguished guests. Thank you also to Kath and Carolyn who travelled hundreds and hundreds of kilometres from Canberra to be present.  There were others there but I didn’t recognise them except Ray. Thanks Ray Wood. 

A final big thank you to my publisher (Freedom Publishing) for assisting in all ways to make things happen.

I hope that this book finds its way into a million hands. It really is a hope filled book which explains that abortion grief is not to be despised, hidden, denied but accepted as a “good” kind of grief experienced because of love and loss and a grief needed so that an aborted baby does not pass by unnoticed and the mother has a chance to openly grieve for her loss. Not the manner of the dying BUT the dying of her child.  This is utterly important.